How do kik mistresses handle subs who become too attached?

How do kik mistresses handle subs who become too attached?

Kik mistresses, also known as online dominants, often deal with subs who become too attached. This can be a complex issue to handle as, on one hand, mistresses value the loyalty and devotion of their subs, but on the other hand, becoming too emotionally attached can lead to a loss of control and boundaries being crossed. In this article, we will explore how kik mistresses handle subs who become too attached.

Firstly, it is important to establish clear boundaries from the outset. Mistresses will often make it clear to their subs that their relationship is one of dominance and submission, and that they are not open to forming romantic attachments. However, there are always subs who ignore these boundaries and develop feelings for their mistresses. At this point, it is crucial for the mistress to remind the sub of their predetermined boundaries and that any romantic or emotional attachment is not part of the agreed upon dynamic.

Another tactic mistresses may use is to limit communication. If a sub becomes too attached, they may begin to message their mistress excessively or demand excessive attention. In this case, the mistress may choose to only check in with the sub at certain times of the day or week to maintain a healthy balance in the relationship. By setting a schedule, the mistress can also establish clear expectations for the sub’s behavior and interaction with her.

A kik mistress may also encourage her subs to engage in other activities and relationships outside of their dynamic. By encouraging the sub to pursue other interests, they may be less likely to develop an unhealthy attachment to the mistress. The mistress may also recommend other dominants or sub communities for the sub to explore other kinks and relationships that can provide different perspectives on the BDSM lifestyle.

One approach to dealing with attachment issues is to have a clear exit strategy in place. While it may seem counterintuitive to plan for the end of a relationship before it has begun, mistresses may find it helpful to discuss with their subs what they can expect if the relationship ends. By setting clear expectations at the beginning of a relationship, both the mistress and sub can feel more secure and less likely to become emotionally attached.

Finally, it is essential for the mistress to maintain a professional relationship with their subs. While it is important to be empathetic and understanding, mistresses must maintain their position of power and control. This means maintaining a certain distance and not crossing any emotional boundaries that may impact the relationship. It is also essential for the mistress to remain vigilant and to spot any red flags indicating that a sub is becoming too attached, and to address these issues promptly.

In conclusion, mistresses must handle overly-attached subs with care and sensitivity while maintaining clear boundaries. The relationship between a kik mistress and a sub can be a beautiful and fulfilling one, but it must always be built on mutual respect and boundaries. By utilizing communication, scheduling, and encouraging exploration, mistresses can maintain healthy relationships with their subs while avoiding any emotional entanglements that could compromise their role as a dominant. View now

Should you disclose your relationship with a kik mistress to your partner?

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The topic of having a kik mistress is a sensitive one and can cause complications in any relationship. If you are in a committed relationship or marriage and have a kik mistress, it may be tempting to keep this relationship a secret from your significant other. However, this can lead to trust issues, betrayal, and hurt feelings. So, the question is should you disclose your relationship with a kik mistress to your partner?

The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no, as there are a few factors to consider:

1. The level of commitment in your relationship: If you and your partner are in a committed, monogamous relationship or marriage, then it is absolutely essential to disclose your relationship with a kik mistress. Continuing this secret relationship can lead to feelings of deceit, mistrust, and anger from your partner.

2. How your partner feels about open relationships: If you and your partner have discussed the possibility of having an open relationship or seeing other people, then disclosing your relationship with a kik mistress may be less of an issue. However, it is still important to approach the subject with care and understanding, as your partner may have unexpected emotions about the situation.

3. Your motivation for keeping the relationship a secret: If you are keeping your relationship with a kik mistress a secret because you fear losing your partner, then it is important to address this issue head-on. Continuing to deceive your partner will only lead to further damage to your relationship, and it is better to be upfront and transparent to have a chance at repairing the relationship.

4. Your concern for your partner’s mental health: Disclosing your relationship with a kik mistress can be a difficult conversation, and it may cause serious harm to your partner’s mental health. If you are truly concerned for your partner’s well-being and the impact this knowledge may have on them, then it may be best to forgo the conversation altogether.

Ultimately, the decision on whether or not to disclose your relationship with a kik mistress should be based on careful consideration of your relationship and your partner’s feelings. If you are committed to being honest and transparent with your significant other, then having an open and honest conversation about your kik mistress may be necessary. However, if you believe that the revelation of this information may cause irreparable harm to your relationship, then it may be best to keep it a secret and focus on repairing the underlying issues in your relationship.

In conclusion, having a kik mistress is a complex issue that can cause significant harm to your relationship. If you choose to pursue this relationship, it is important to carefully consider the potential consequences and discuss the situation with your partner. Whatever decision you make, it must be based on honest and open communication, trust, and a genuine commitment to your relationship.
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