best mistress feet

What do you think are the best mistress feet?

There are many reasons why someone might prefer certain feet as their “best” mistress feet. Maybe they love the way they look, or the way they feel. Maybe they’re just really turned on by feet! Whatever the reason, there are sure to be many different opinions on the matter.

Some people might say that they love long, slender feet with high arches and delicate toes. Others might prefer chubbier feet with wrinkled soles and big toe joints. Some people might even find feet with deformities or blemishes to be the most attractive, because it makes them look more unique and interesting.

ultimately, there is no single answer to this question. It is entirely dependent on personal preferences. Some people might find one type of feet to be the best, while others might find something completely different to be the best. There is no correct answer, and everyone’s opinion is valid.

What does it feel like to have your feet worshipped?

The feeling of having your feet worshipped can vary depending on the person doing the worshipping and how they are worshiping your feet. Generally, people report feeling a sense of relaxation, often combined with a pleasurable tingling sensation, when their feet are being worshiped. This can be due to the gentle massaging of the feet and the release of tension in the muscles and joints. For some people, having their feet worshipped also provides a feeling of sexual arousal and pleasure. This is often because the feet are considered to be a highly erotic body part, and the act of foot worship can be seen as a form of sexual foreplay.

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